Who we are

live, v4v performs mostly as guitar, drums, vocals and samples. their recordings play with instrumentation more and sound clean, crisp and intricate. outside of the studio, v4v is grittier, faster, more spastic and intensely engaged with their audience. but in either setting, v for vendetta’s loyalty to experimenting with structure and rhythm remain true.

soooooooo, v for vendetta doesn’t really fit into one particular genre. yes, they are obviously geeks inspired by and interested in classic prog-rock and modern math-rock butthey are redesigning those genres with emotional and melodic sensibilities all in the name of the attention deficit. The end product is a very technical yet catchy and intimate collection of songs touching on the themes of analytic philosophy, star trek, their hometown, identity politics, chairs, and hope.

while v for vendetta doesn’t easily fit into a particular genre, they do quite easily fit into vans of all shapes and sizes. they’ve toured the east coast and midwest numerous times and the entire country twice. In addition, v4v can fit on a variety of bills and as such have played with folks like: le tigre, don caballero, the need, ted leo, fugazi, the melvins, sleater-kinney, thrones, OOIOO, the gossip, the shipping news, june of ’44, burning airlines, erase errata, milemarker, lightning bolt, tracy and the plastics, q and not u, the lonesome organist and many more!